Wednesday, 6 April 2011

By the way...

This blog doesn't have to be just me writing about music.

I mean, if people want to write back...

Telling me something I listened to is great. Telling me something I listened to is awful. Ask me about something on the list.  All that's good.

It did also occur to me that it doesn't have to be just my musical diary.  If there's anyone else out there that is sufficiently motivated in their music listening to record what they're listening to, Blogger provides the facilities for a blog to have multiple authors.  Which could be quite interesting.

I'll just leave that notion out there, and toddle off to listen to some Bach. Or Radiohead. I haven't quite decided yet.


  1. We don't seem to have much overlap in classical or popular music tastes. Or I do not recognise much of the music by name, but perhaps if I heard it played I would know some more.

    I am also making a database of my music. I am ripping it to FLAC using MediaMonkey which retrieves pretty good information about the tracks, though the genre attribute is often off, and the recording date is often incorrect, especially for vinyls re-released on CD. It does not download composer or conductor data either, but it's a good start. I am getting a 256Gb stick so I can carry my collection with me everywhere I go.

    Snobs would probably look askance at the Disney Fantasia film being a spur in my childhood to enjoying classical music. I still like the way Stowkowski interprets Night on a Bare Mountain and the way he combined it seamlessly with Ave Maria. I have collected as many Stowkowski conducted performances as I can. I particularly like his interpretation of Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Thallis.

    One more odd comment for the moment. My favourite Joan Baez piece is her singing of Bachianas Brasileiras No 5

    Latchkey Kid

  2. Hey, there's nothing wrong with Fantasia being a source of inspiration! It has some great things in it. Although, some of the edits made to pieces are a bit frustrating if you're familiar with the full-length versions.

    Have you ever seen the Italian parody of Fantasia called Allegro Non Troppo? In some ways I actually think it's better!

    1. I have a copy of Allegro Non Troppo. I like it as a parody, but it had to have Fantasia to parody. I haven't seen it for years and can't recall much about it. One day I will look at it again.
      (Sometimes I take a long time to reply)

  3. Orfeo,

    I've always loved how you express yourself and your wealth of knowledge re: music is always refreshing to read about...

    Just know I'm following your journey and am enjoying it. Also, this multiple-author blog is a cool idea. Something to think about.