Saturday, 12 March 2016

Popular Music - December 2015

Tori Amos - The Beekeeper
Tori Amos, Samuel Adamson and Cast - The Light Princess
Tim Corley - Like Stars
george - Unity
Gomez - Split the Difference
Sarah Harmer - All Of Our Names
Jars of Clay - Jars of Clay
Pearl Jam - Vs
Rachael Yamagata - EP

I'm still a bit behind, aren't I?

Well, let's just deal with the month quickly. The one thing I feel like pointing out from December's list is that I decided to (very slowly) go back through the discography of Jars of Clay. In part this was because I noticed my popular music spreadsheet said I simply hadn't listened to the first two albums since I started the popular music spreadsheet (around the time I started this blog).

And it's not that I mind their debut self-titled album. Far from it. It does, however, suffer from having a number of very similar-sounding songs. Same beats, textures, even same key.

It was a couple of the songs that didn't sound quite so similar, though, that made the album a hit. For example, while 'Flood' does resemble the album as a whole quite a bit, it's just different enough to stand out. Being in a minor key helps.

My total pop music tally for the year was 112 entries. The list consists mostly of albums, although there are a few 'greatest hits' CDs, EPs and singles in there. That's back to 2013 levels, so it's beginning to look like something of an average after a few years of keeping track of this information.

It seems... not enough. Not when own a lot more discs than that and keep buying more. And yet it does represent one work every few days, which isn't bad given the way that I listen and the amount of attention I try to pay to new music in particular. In most circumstances, music is not background, it's foreground.

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