Monday, 30 May 2016

Popular Music - April 2016

Tori Amos
  • Under the Pink
  • From the Choirgirl Hotel
  • Abnormally Attracted to Sin
  • Unrepentant Geraldines
Sheryl Crow - The Globe Sessions
Lifehouse - No Name Face
Madonna - Ray of Light
Thrice - The Alchemy Index, Volume 1 (Fire)
Thrice - Major/Minor

Hmm. I honestly don't remember there being this little pop music in my month.

In truth there probably wasn't. I was doing things like exploring Prince's back catalogue after news of his passing, which doesn't count because I don't own any albums (as yet - turns out that Purple Rain really is rather good). So this (as always) is just the list of what I own and listened to in full.

When I started this blog, that rule seemed a lot less significant than it does now. Back then I simply wouldn't have done things like streaming albums. I'm a long way from abandoning the process of buying music, but there's no denying that technology has affected how I explore music that I'm less familiar with while figuring out what to add to my collection.

I also often get surprised by how long it is since I've listened to something. The last spin of Ray of Light was in 2014? Okay, well the spreadsheet says so. That Sheryl Crow album has been in storage since 2012? Lifehouse since... well okay, I kind of knew I don't listen to that one all that often.

But listening to Unrepentant Geraldines has, as I observed last month, become a surprisingly regular event.

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