Saturday, 5 August 2017

Popular Music - April 2017

Tori Amos
  • Under the Pink
  • From the Choirgirl Hotel
  • The Beekeeper
  • Abnormally Attracted to Sin
Bat for Lashes - The Haunted Man
george - Polyserena
Radiohead - Kid A
Thrice - The Alchemy Index Volume 4: Earth

Another month of records where I think... is that all the pop music I listened to? Possibly not, but it's all the albums that fulfilled the criteria for being entered into the records.

The Tori Amos merry-go-round is, of course, unlikely to ever stop spinning. It surprised me a little how long it had been since I last listened to Kid A (almost a year).

The only genuinely interesting entry on here is Polyserena, the first album by the Brisbane band george (the lack of a capital letter is their choice). It's quite some years since I listened to it because I've always reached for their second (and last) album Unity, which is one of my favourite albums of all time.

But Polyserena is a pretty good album. All of the knowledge of musical styles that makes Unity so great and which has continued to show in the later careers of the members (first and foremost Katie Noonan) is detectable in Polyserena. The only weakness is that sometimes it feels like the skills are being shown off rather than being fully integrated and used in the service of the music. But it's well worth a listen.

As the debut single showed.

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